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Champion Your Change with Custom Professional Coaching 

Are you ready to feel empowered to champion your change? Let's work together so you can confidently navigate life and be your own champion!

Liz Jensen

Meet Liz Jensen

Certified Life Coach

I am a certified Life Coach passionate about supporting my clients through the journey of discovering their potential and becoming their own champion.

My life experiences with marriage, motherhood, career and other major life transitions have inspired and equipped me with the insight, empowerment, skills, and resilience to support women and young adults through major life transitions with confidence and courage so you can thrive.


I will provide a supportive and safe space to walk with you through your journey to feel empowered, healthy, and strong no matter what life throws your way.

Together we will work to build resilience and growth to not just survive life’s challenges and transitions, but to champion them and thrive.

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Coaching Services


Empowering Adults

 We are all faced with challenges and change throughout our lives. Are you trying to navigate life’s transitions and struggling to know what you want or who you are? As your coach, I will meet you where you are and help you discover your full potential and help you get where you want to be.  


Empowering Students

Students are often faced with major decisions and life changes. Where to go to college, where to apply for internships or careers post graduation. The process can be overwhelming but with coaching and a process, it can be an insightful and successful outcome.


Coaching Programs

So many times we are faced with challenges and experience changes we have never encountered before. Life doesn't come with a manual, but there are tools we can implement that will help guide us to navigate the change by leaning into our authentic self.


"I have had the pleasure of working with Liz for several months, and it has truly been a transformative experience. She is incredibly validating and supportive in our sessions, and her thought-provoking questions and coaching style help me gain a fresh perspective on my life goals and priorities. With her guidance, I am able to identify and address the patterns that hold me back, and I feel more empowered and confident in pursuing my goals and living in sync with my values. I highly recommend Liz to anyone who is looking to make positive changes in their life."

- Ashley B.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Liz Jensen during a transition point in my career. There were times when I was feeling stuck and unsure of how to move forward, but Liz Jensen provided me with invaluable guidance and support throughout my transition. She helped me identify my strengths and passions and develop a clear plan of action to achieve my goals. Liz is not only incredibly knowledgeable and experienced, but she also has a unique ability to connect with her clients on a personal level. Her unwavering encouragement and genuine interest in my success gave me the confidence to take risks and pursue opportunities. I am so grateful for the impact Liz has had on my career and would highly recommend her to any woman looking to make a positive change in their professional life."

- Carol M.

"Coaching with Liz is priceless. Her soul is kind, empathetic, and caring, and she always meets me with patience, nonjudgement, curiosity, and encouragement. My experience with her has been wonderful. I feel heard and seen because of her ability to stay present, be reflective, and her desire to understand me. I love her candidness and ability to laugh with me. I also appreciate that she doesn't give simple solutions to my problems or tell me what to do. Instead, she offers different perspectives and asks questions to reveal solutions/ideas/plans that I've never thought of. I'm encouraged to look inside (physically and mentally) for the answers...this has helped build up my confidence to make decisions. From there, she encourages me to move forward in a way that is most authentic! I 100% recommend Liz as a coach!"

- Emma C.

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